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Living Wage Survey

Dear Colleagues,

Today GMB is sending out an online survey to members asking them to tell us what life is like living on a wage less than £10 an hour.

Whilst research has been done by churches and charities to determine what a living wage might be, GMB believes that this still falls short of what it really costs to live in Britain today.

GMB wants to make sure politicians and journalists know what it’s like to try to live on low pay and short hours. We will use the information from the survey to campaign for a higher minimum wage and the right to choose the working hours we need to live on.

GMB will have the survey and will publish our findings on our website regularly, so keep your eye out for updates.

Importantly this is your and your members’ opportunity to tell your stories of what life is like on a low wage.

The link for the survey is:

The link is also live on the website and will continue to be a permanent fixture there. If you could encourage members who earn less than £10 per hour to fill this survey out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 23rd October 2014

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